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The myspace stuffs (updated url)

2008-03-02 12:16:40 by 7rekcorhsalc

Add that shit.

I have a myspace for my music.

Add it

Well this sucks....

2008-02-18 22:10:04 by 7rekcorhsalc

I live in a renovated basement. My room is next to the boiler and all those pipes and stuff. Well today a leaked occured, and now I'm living in the living room cause my room is flooding.

Nice eh?

If you have xfire.

2008-02-15 12:17:15 by 7rekcorhsalc

...then you should add me.

username: 7rekcorhsalc

My Creativity Is Declining

2008-02-03 11:36:47 by 7rekcorhsalc

I've realized that I should spend more time think about what kind of song I should make, because if I just launch fruity loops and start writing, it ends up sounding the same as my other songs.

I promise to all my listeners (that very small audience) that I will think about my songs before I make them.

This means I won't be adding music weekly, but maybe every other week.


Made my newgrounds account not too long ago. Uploaded some songs, and people really seem to enjoy them. I can't complain about that.

I think I'm going to try to get decent at Flash, casue I'd like to participate in both Flash and Audio portals.

Keep checking up on me to see what's going on. I'll most likely be adding music weekly.