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My Creativity Is Declining

2008-02-03 11:36:47 by 7rekcorhsalc

I've realized that I should spend more time think about what kind of song I should make, because if I just launch fruity loops and start writing, it ends up sounding the same as my other songs.

I promise to all my listeners (that very small audience) that I will think about my songs before I make them.

This means I won't be adding music weekly, but maybe every other week.



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2008-02-03 14:45:30

don't worry.
the world isn't coming to an end.
maybe u shouldn't work on a new song every other day..?
*imagines her friend looking at her strangely when she realizes that she has no right saying this*
but---i doubt ur creativity is declining.
no such thing.
either u're just worn out of songs (big surprise), or..
u're just worn out of songs...


..u kno what i mean.
anyway, i could care less for FL, because no matter how hard i try at it, i don't understand it.
yes, i have the demo.
i can't really afford it. and there's no point if it doesn't work for you.
so i have this really cheap-ass crap i work with, but it's okay, cuz i edit my audio with another program.
so ha.
and what i am saying ha to, we will never kno..